The Easiest Way to Provide Excellent Customer Service

Done-for-you customer support service that will keep your customers happy

and retain them while saving you time, money, and effort.


Why our done-for-you customer service is the smart choice...

Save Money

Our service is affordable, and there's no customer service work-space or other expenses. So, you'll have more budget to grow your business.

Scale Effectively

Whether you need a team leader or 1 - 100 support agents
we got it covered.

Scale your team as it suites your business size and needs.

​Have Flexibility

Try different customer retention or sales strategies, test new features or prices and get feedback. Your dedicated customer service team will always be ready to help you.

Get Lifetime Support

Need more time to perfect the art of customer service?

Use our expertise to build your team, train it, and make sure that it's serving your customers well.

Give Better Customer Service

Unlike in-house customer service employees, we have an incentive to provide better customer service (keeping our customers happy).

Otherwise, we won't be able to retain our customers (you) and we would lose business.

Always Be Available

Whether it's email, chat, or tickets, your customers will always be able to reach you online.

We offer multiple customer service channels to make it easy for your customers reach you and get the help that they need.

Get a Free Knowledge Base

Just starting, don't have a knowledge base, or need a better one? We help you build or improve your knowledge base without an extra cost.

With a knowledge base you'll have less confused customers and more pleased ones. 

Forget Training Headaches

Training will be a breeze, as you explain your product/service to a CS team leader once, and they understand it and handle training the team for you.

Also, we monitor and improve your customer service team performance.

​they say

About our service

The Femto15 team showed great knowledge and skills. They’re committed and accommodating to our timezone schedule. They successfully solved unexpected issues that surfaced.

Jordi Robert-Ribes

CEO at Eduopinions

Femto15 is a great company to work with. They speak perfect English, someone's readily available to talk over updates and problems at a moments notice, and they’re flexible. Highly recommended!

Guy East

Founder at Hope Sports

The team understand technical requirements well and deliver results timely.

Even with the difference in the time zones, they are always available and address issues in a timely fashion.

Ajay Khana

VP Marketing at Reltio

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to participate in the hiring process?

What will be my customer service team schedule? Can I choose the working hours?

How do I make sure that my team quality and performance will be good?

Will using your service hurt direct communication with my clients?

What about my customers' data legality?

How do you deal with angry customers, racism, or other stereotyping?

Ready to make your customers happy and grow your business?

Ready to make your customers happy?

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