Reltio Marketing Automation

Reltio is a multi-million big data analysis company that helps other organizations leverage their data to have a significant competitive advantage.

Their marketing team came to us to build the perfect marketing automation solution, where they can generate personalized videos using Vidyard from the data that they have in Salesforce and trigger an automated email campaign in Pardot with those personalized videos.
We did a cross API integration between Vidyard, Salesforce, Pardot, and created the perfect marketing automation where they can generate highly personalized videos, share them with their clients, and fire a drip email campaign automatically.

The automation:
After the users submit the form, their data is sent to Salesforce, and Vidyard via API, where a personalized video is generated. After that, the video link is sent to Pardot (using their API) where the users receive the customized video, and a drip email campaign is sent to them on the following days.

Time: 4 weeks
Time: 4 weeks


Marketing Automation, Email marketing, Web development, Software engineering, Database structure design, RESTful API, API integration.

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