8 Tips for Managing a Subscription Business

By Eman Azzoz - July 15, 2020

When we talk about subscription businesses model pros, that doesn’t mean it has no cons or works for everybody; on the contract, it may be hard to manage a subscription business and make money fast and steady. So, in this article, we tell you eight tips to manage your subscription business effectively. The 8 tips […]


Subscription Model for Software Industry

By Eman Azzoz - June 21, 2020

For the software industry, the subscription model can be the best business model nowadays. Due to some reasons that we mention in this article, we argue that the subscription model works best for the SW industry whenever there is an ongoing demand. Why the subscription model works best for the SW industry? Updating Due to […]


Subscription Business Model Stands out in Crises

By Eman Azzoz - June 11, 2020

A business model that stands out in crises, that doesn’t get highly affected by outer disasters, and that keeps growing while other business sectors may be shutting down, is a dream of any entrepreneur. Lately, another economic collapse drowns the world due to COVID-19, leaving lots of businesses at a high risk of trying to […]


An Introduction to Customer Loyalty

By Femto15 Team - June 4, 2020

Customer loyalty is every business’s dream, it’s the fruit of customer success efforts and strategies. What would a business need more than a stable customer base that doesn’t only guarantee future revenue with high lifetime value, but also works as a marketing media, reduces CAC, and supports the business towards scaling fast and steady? After […]


Customer Onboarding Process (How to Welcome Your Customers?)

By Femto15 Team - May 21, 2020

In a previous article, we talked about customer churn reasons, and we put poor onboarding at the top of the list. In this article, we will tell you how to create an onboarding process that reduces churn and CAC, and also increases customer lifetime value. The importance of customer onboarding for SaaS What’s the purpose […]

8 Tips to Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

By Eman Azzoz - May 15, 2020

It’s stated that acquiring a new customer costs way more than retaining one. Thus, lots of businesses have been putting great efforts into customer success to reduce customer churn. In this article, we discuss some tips that may help you reduce your CAC for more customers and fewer costs. Grow your organic traffic Referral marketing […]

How to Calculate Customer Churn Rate?

By Eman Azzoz - May 11, 2020

First, let’s introduce this concept for those who don’t know much about it. If you visit Wikipedia, you will find the term “attrition” instead of “churn”, both of them refer to the same thing which is the loss happened in your business at a certain period. But experts differentiate between revenue churn and customer churn. […]


How to Reduce Customer Churn?

By Femto15 Team - March 12, 2020

In a prev article, we’ve discussed the reasons behind customer churn. The next step is to prevent this churn by taking the proper actions and perform the best strategies. 8 Tips to reduce customer churn Attract the right customer Welcome them with a big hand Keep educating your customers Track your customer’s footprints Take care […]


Customer Churn (Why Do Customers Leave You?)

By Femto15 Team - March 6, 2020

Customer churn is every business’s fear. The states about how it affects the revenue and how CAC shows the advantage of customer retention cost over customer acquisition cost make it clear that churn should be every business’s concern. For a SaaS business, churn is a critical issue as the business depends on a monthly, quarterly, […]


Customer Success for SaaS

By Femto15 Team - February 28, 2020

SaaS business is all about customer satisfaction. If your product isn’t worth it, your customers can cancel their subscription whenever they want. On the other hand, acquiring new customers costs way more than retaining existed ones. Your loyal customers can even be your promoters. How to satisfy your customers with your product or service? Can […]