Saakin Real Estate Website

Saakin is a real estate web platform similar to Zillow. It allows buyers to find their dream property, explorer the different neighborhoods and cities, and calculate their expected mortgage rate. As for real estate agents and real estate agencies, Saakin allows them to list and sell their properties faster.
Saakin guys wanted to build a real estate website to help buyers find their dream homes and to help agents sell their properties faster. They came to us to help them develop the perfect web application for them.

Our team got the requirements and put together a project scope and planned the sprints. After 6 weeks of hard work and testing, we got the project ready, and Saakin was live.

Time: 6 business weeks
Time: 6 business weeks


UX/UI, Web development, Software engineering, Database structure design, Performance optimization, Quality Assurance.

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