An Introduction to Customer Loyalty

By Femto15 Team - June 4, 2020

Customer loyalty is every business’s dream, it’s the fruit of customer success efforts and strategies. What would a business need more than a stable customer base that doesn’t only guarantee future revenue with high lifetime value, but also works as a marketing media, reduces CAC, and supports the business towards scaling fast and steady? After […]

7 Digital Marketing Tips (And 3 Secrets) That Will Help You Grow Your Business

By Femto15 Team - November 19, 2019

In the era of digitalization, everything is online, so where are you? How is your online presence? Can you reach your online customers? Do you use your digital channels to grow your business?  Emails, Social Media, Search Engines, and Websites; These channels are strongly engaged in your digital marketing strategy. In this article, we suggest […]