How Much Does It Cost to Build a Business Website in 2019?

By Femto15 Team - September 6, 2019

We don’t have to argue about the importance of a website for your business. If you are reading this article, it seems you have already thought of that. So, let’s get down to business.    The business stage is a step forward if you want to expand your simple website. In this article, we discuss some […]

10 Tips to Improve Your Business Website Security in 2019

By Femto15 Team - September 3, 2019

Cyber Security is not a luxury anymore. A leak in your website security may cause your business to go down in a blink of an eye. All your hard work, trusted customers, popularity, branding, and data may be flushed away.  You need to protect your website from hackers who may steal, damage, or use your […]