Top SaaS Metrics and KPIs

By Femto15 Team - February 20, 2020

In the SaaS industry, it’s all about rapid changes and how you manage it to do better in the future and understand the red signs. How are you doing? And why? Where are you going? And how? What should you do to be where you want to be? To answer these questions, you need to […]


What’s the Difference Between SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS?

By Femto15 Team - January 24, 2020

The cloud industry has changed how things work in the tech field. Currently, there is a cloud service in each organization in a way or another. Whether you are the service provider or the user, you have a relationship with a cloud service. That’s why you need to understand cloud computing models and distinguish between […]


User Experience and User Centered Design (UX and UCD)

By Femto15 Team - January 19, 2020

The term “user-centered” raised in the late nineteenth in the context of talking about user experience design. We all know that any UX designer puts the user in the center of the design, which means s/he would always think of users’ needs, emotions, etc. So, what’s new about this “user-centered” concept? Is it a new […]

What Is a Knowledgebase and Why Do You Need One?

By Femto15 Team - January 17, 2020

Since the publication of manuals, human beings discovered the importance of educating the customer. And with the invention of more complicated software along with the revolution of the internet, it was clear that knowledge should be closer to customers, scalable, and easier to retrieve and manage. The web then started the trend of tutorials, how-to […]


What’s The Difference Between a Web-based SaaS And a Website?

By Femto15 Team - December 8, 2019

Software as a service (or SaaS for short) has been the talk of everybody in the software industry. But for those outside the field, the term still causes some ambiguity and may be mistaken for a website or web application. As the field of cloud computing spreads, different models are developed to represent different cloud […]


How to Start a SaaS Business in 11 Steps

By Femto15 Team - November 29, 2019

We are in the SaaS era! There is no doubt about that. If you are a developer, marketer, project manager, or an enthusiastic entrepreneur who wants a share of the cake, this article will help you understand the stations you should go through while developing your SaaS. To make it clear, we won’t tell you […]

7 Digital Marketing Tips (And 3 Secrets) That Will Help You Grow Your Business

By Femto15 Team - November 19, 2019

In the era of digitalization, everything is online, so where are you? How is your online presence? Can you reach your online customers? Do you use your digital channels to grow your business?  Emails, Social Media, Search Engines, and Websites; These channels are strongly engaged in your digital marketing strategy. In this article, we suggest […]

How to Say NO to Your Customers Without Being Rude

By Femto15 Team - November 4, 2019

In this article, we take you from “the customer is always right” side to “do the right thing” side. If you are a fan of “Yes, and…” approach in customer service but have been drowned in the Yeses flood, or if you found that saying yes all the time breaks your business and burns out […]

How to Scale Your Customer Service While Your Startup Grows?

By Femto15 Team - October 28, 2019

Scaling your startup means going from simplicity to complexity. Everything grows, from the number of your employees to the number of your customers. When your business is a small to mid-sized one, you control everything, audit each detail, meet your employees regularly, interact with your customers closely, value each customer’s feedback, and you do put […]

17 Customer Service Skills that Your Employees Must Learn

By Femto15 Team - October 18, 2019

Each career has different skills and traits that can be gained or improved to do the job right. Customer service is one of the jobs that need interacting with people. You represent the business whenever a customer contacts you for a specific problem. So, customer service is all about communicating with people to help them […]