Minimum Viable Product for SaaS

By Femto15 Team - October 1, 2019

Software as a service is now the best choice for most passionate entrepreneurs who are eager to start their own business through the web. But implementing software requires various resources just to come to light and then find out whether or not people would accept it with love and pay for it. The risk that […]

How to Wisely Deal With Difficult Customers?

By Femto15 Team - September 26, 2019

Whichever your business is, you will have difficult customers who you MUST handle wisely and professionally to keep your relationship and protect your business reputation. Whether the customer is right or wrong, you have to make things right. In this article, we cover the topic from different aspects: Customer service rep’s mind mode [Prepare yourself] […]

Why You Should Not Build Your Own Website and When You Should?

By Femto15 Team - September 17, 2019

Nowadays, website builders have been overgrowing; making lots of beginners give it a shot and start their own websites with bare hands.And when you think of it, with all these easy to use tools; why would you bother to hire a web designer or a web developer? Should I build my own website or pay […]


The Ultimate Guide to Website Design Cost in 2019

By Femto15 Team - September 13, 2019

If you want to estimate the cost of your website, thinking of website design cost will be the first in mind. Why?  Because while estimating your design cost, you will be pushed to answer the most important questions that guide the adventure of creating your site, and you will make the most critical decisions that […]

How much does it cost to build an E-Commerce Website in 2020?

By Femto15 Team - September 10, 2019

That’s the final stage of our how much does it cost series. After we’ve shed the light on personal website cost and business website cost, here we’ll discuss the eCommerce website cost. , here we’ll discuss the eCommerce website cost. An eCommerce website is just a business website where you can sell things online, which […]

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Business Website in 2020?

By Femto15 Team - September 6, 2019

We don’t have to argue about the importance of a website for your business. If you are reading this article, it seems you have already thought of that. So, let’s get down to business.    The business stage is a step forward if you want to expand your simple website. In this article, we discuss some […]

10 Tips to Improve Your Business Website Security in 2020

By Femto15 Team - September 3, 2019

Cyber Security is not a luxury anymore. A leak in your website security may cause your business to go down in a blink of an eye. All your hard work, trusted customers, popularity, branding, and data may be flushed away.  You need to protect your website from hackers who may steal, damage, or use your […]

Different Web Hosting Types and How to Choose the Right One

By Femto15 Team - August 29, 2019

Every business needs a location, whether it’s a mall or a moving truck. Your website is a business, so it needs a location too. The Host is the place where your website’s files live. People access these files by writing your address in the address bar; they can then visit your website in its place […]


What Is UX/UI Design, and Why Is It Essential for Business?

By Femto15 Team - June 16, 2019

Design according to the wordbook means a drawing or set of drawings showing how a building or product is to be made and how it will work and look. That’s the general idea of the designer’s work. Designers consider two main things, the functionality and the appearance of the final product. In the ultimate guide […]

A 21-Minutes (or Less) Business Plan For Your SaaS

By Femto15 Team - November 12, 2019

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s hard to ask a startup to write a complete traditional business plan just to launch! Planning can be overwhelmed if it stops you from taking the most critical step in your SaaS business, which is talking to customers and testing your service’s opportunities on the ground. You need to start […]